Lesbian Psychodramas 21 Messed Up

Girlfriends Films Rolls Out ‘Lesbian PsychoDramas 21 – Messed Up!’


Girlfriends Films unleashes ‘Lesbian PsychoDramas 21’ the second episode in all-new ‘Twisted Passions’ series subtitled ‘Messed Up!’


VALENCIA, CA (May 10, 2016) – Fans of the wilder side of lesbian adult entertainment are gearing up for the latest installment of kinky all-girl sex series ‘Lesbian PyschoDramas 21 – Messed Up!’ from Girlfriends Films. The film is now available on DVD at the Girlfriends Films Distribution website and in stores nationwide.


This feature marks Volume 21 of the Lesbian PsychoDramas saga, which made its initial debut in 2009. Featuring hardcore, realistic, twisted lesbian sex labeled ‘drama to the highest degree’ the newest spinoff to the Twisted Passions storyline is, according to Girlfriends Films founder Dan O’Connell, more twisted than ever. “This fits nicely into our Lesbian PsychoDramas series, but we’ve given it the Messed Up! subtitle as it is a unique and very special movie series in its own right. We are currently finishing the third installment of the Messed Up series and everything is just very, very demented,” the director exclaims, “even by my perverted standards.”


And some of the talented actresses involved in the film seem to agree. In a recent post to Twitter, actress Vanessa Veracruz proclaimed that the newest ‘Messed Up’ movie “definitely lives up to its name.” While her co-star and scene-mate Aaliyah Love tweeted calling the film, “the most f’cked up porn I’ve ever shot lol.”


According to O’Connell, “This takes the ‘psychological sexual thriller’ to a new level of sexual darkness, which starts when Vanessa Veracruz moves into Chanel Preston’s house and displays an immediate and obvious romantic interest in Chanel’s favorite friend-with-benefits, Mercedes Carrera. Having been snubbed by Vanessa when extending her own romantic welcoming, the already psychotic Chanel becomes enraged over Vanessa’s interest in Mercedes and turns the house into a virtual psychological torture chamber and house of kink for Vanessa.”


Living up to the ‘Messed Up’ subtitle, the second episode of the admittedly twisted drama continues a storyline that includes all the succulent morsels ‘PsychoDramas’ is known for – role play, hardcore lesbian sex, and a script that seems to get more and more bent with each episode. In a recent social media post promoting the newest ‘Messed Up!’ feature Girlfriends Films posted a photo of co-stars Shyla Jennings and Mercedes Carrera captioned, “We just can’t stop our Messed Up desires.”


Featuring a bevy of beauties added to the mix including Shyla Ryder, Chanel Preston and Remy LaCroix, and starring a variety of kinky props, latex materials, and even some religious connotations, fans of the first episode of this ‘Messed Up’ scenario should prepare to hang on tight and expect the unexpected.


The new release ‘Lesbian PsychoDramas 21 – Messed Up!’ is now available on the Girlfriends Films website and in stores nationwide. For more information and box art, please visit the Lesbian PsychoDramas 21 detail page at the Girlfriends Films Distribution website.


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Messed Up 2 Girlfriends Films

Lesbian Psychodramas 21 from Girlfriends Films

Title: Lesbian PsychoDramas 21 – Messed Up!

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Director: Dan O’Connell

Cast: Chanel Preston, Shyla Jennings, Mercedes Carrera, Vanessa Veracruz, Remy Lacroix, Aaliyah Love, Shyla Ryder

Rating: XXX

Length: Over 2 Hours

Format: DVD

Release Date: May 6, 2016

Lesbian Psychodramas 21

Shyla Jennings and Mercedes Carrera

Lesbian Psychodramas 21

Vanessa Veracruz and Aaliyah Love

Lesbian Psychodramas 21

Vanessa Veracruz